Evil Sacrifice

I woke up in the morning and saw cooked indomie poured in front of my door. There was nothing of such before my family and I went to sleep .So I went round to ask my neighbors if they knew anything about it .They all claimed innocent .Thereafter ,I started praying calling the God of Mummy Gift Israel to return the evil sacrifice to wherever it came. I repeated this severally I also said that if the sacrifice is not removed, I will tell Mummy Gift Israel to come to my house to see it, and whatever be the consequential effect will be to the persons is determined having said that ,I went inside .After a while, I came out and saw the evil sacrifice no more . I quickly called my neighbors again that the evil sacrifice is nowhere to be found .All my neighbor were amazed ,and promised to be following me to my church(City of Encounter Int’l Chapel) since then, they have been coming and God is blessing them.

To God be the Glory

By No Name