Delivered from the spirit of death

When I was pregnant, the pastor and some members of my church said God revealed to them that I would die with my pregnancy. So, they refused to pray for me, I made several efforts for anyone in the church o pray for me, they refused and said as far as the pastor said that God had revealed to him that I will die, nobody will pray for me again. They abandoned me I was very depressed and filled with fear .By the grace of God, somebody directed me to City of Encounter Int’l Chapel, that God is doing wondrous things there .So I summoned courage and went to the church on the Sunday. I met with the woman of God after service. When I explained my condition to her, She prayed for me and said that I will not die, that I will deliver safely. Brethren after three weeks ,I safely put to birth ,my baby and I are alive, shame to Satan .Praise God!

By Sister