• Young boy healed

    A four year old boy that was born deaf and dumb was brought to the City of Encounter Int'l Chapel from Niger State by his parents. They met the woman of God .She ministered the word of God to them,told them to believe in God . She prayed for them and instantly the boy spoke for the first time. Since then the boy is free and speaking well . To God be the glory.

    By Sis Many H.
  • Bed wetting Healed.

    As an adult ,married and had grown up children ,I suddenly saw myself bedwetting . It was a big concern to me as a medical specialist working in one the government hospital. I did all i could medically but no solution . I was directed to the woman of God in the City of Encounter Int'l Chapel . When i met her , She ministered the word of God to me , and prayed for me. To my greatest surprise bed wetting stopped . I glorify the name of the Lord.

    By Mummy Edenbo S.
  • Cervical Cancer Healed.

    My sister was diagnosed of cervical cancer. The doctor also confirmed that she was HIV positive . The situation was so bad that she couldnt follow me to church .During the 5 days of Divine Appointment ,in the night , I stood in the gap for her . To my greatest surprise , the woman of God mentioned her case . I came out and she received her healing instantly at home . This was confirmed in the morning on saturday when i got home after the vigil . Her health was restored back to her . Before the health challenge she was pregnant ,But the pregnancy disappeared .Brethren, the pregnancy was restored also. There is God in the City of Encounter Int'l Chapel . It is a place to serve God . I give God all the glory.

    By Sis. Chinyere O.
  • Evil Sacrifice

    I woke up in the morning and saw cooked indomie poured in front of my door. There was nothing of such before my family and I went to sleep .So I went round to ask my neighbors if they knew anything about it .They all claimed innocent .Thereafter ,I started praying calling the God of Mummy Gift Israel to return the evil sacrifice to wherever it came. I repeated this severally I also said that if the sacrifice is not removed, I will tell Mummy Gift Israel to come to my house to see it, and whatever be the consequential effect will be to the persons is determined having said that ,I went inside .After a while, I came out and saw the evil sacrifice no more . I quickly called my neighbors again that the evil sacrifice is nowhere to be found .All my neighbor were amazed ,and promised to be following me to my church(City of Encounter Int’l Chapel) since then, they have been coming and God is blessing them.

    To God be the Glory

    By No Name
  • Safe Delivery

    My sister was pregnant and due to deliver, But the doctor confirmed that the baby died in her womb,that the only way to save the mother is to operate her and bring the dead baby out .I quickly called my pastor Mummy Gift Israel , and she prayed .suddenly the power of God brought the baby to life .As the doctor was preparing for the operation the baby came out on his own .Both the mother and the baby are alive.

    Praise God 

    By Gloria J
  • Wound Healed

    I have a wound that caused a deep hole on my hand. I did all I could as a medical doctor but no solution .My brother invited me to the July edition of the 5 days of divine appointment in the City of Encounter Int’l Chapel when the servant of God was ministering I felt a sensation in my hand. Behold, the power of God filled the hole and I was completely made whole.

    I bless the name of the Lord. 

    By Anniede
  • Free from curse placed on him by his pastor

    I was invited to a program in the City of Encounter Int’l Chapel , When the woman of God was preaching ,She mentioned my case that I was cursed by my pastor ,and the curse is giving me concern because since that time nothing is working for me .Honestly, the pastor that I did work for cursed me because we had some issues .So the woman prayed for me and said that I should go that my ways are open .To the glory of God I started having contracts ,even the pastor that cursed me called me within that week ,we reconciled and he gave me work to do for him .Brethren this woman of God is the Kathryn Kulman of our time .God is here . Praise God! Come and encounter your own miracle!

    By Brother
  • Delivered from the spirit of death

    When I was pregnant, the pastor and some members of my church said God revealed to them that I would die with my pregnancy. So, they refused to pray for me, I made several efforts for anyone in the church o pray for me, they refused and said as far as the pastor said that God had revealed to him that I will die, nobody will pray for me again. They abandoned me I was very depressed and filled with fear .By the grace of God, somebody directed me to City of Encounter Int’l Chapel, that God is doing wondrous things there .So I summoned courage and went to the church on the Sunday. I met with the woman of God after service. When I explained my condition to her, She prayed for me and said that I will not die, that I will deliver safely. Brethren after three weeks ,I safely put to birth ,my baby and I are alive, shame to Satan .Praise God!

    By Sister
  • Multiple Job Offers

    I am here to testify to the glory of God. I was Jobless for Several years because my former company terminated my appointment .As the challenge of getting another job persists; I was invited to the City of Encounter Int’l Chapel. When the woman of God was preaching, she mentioned my case that I was jobless for some years .So she prayed for me and said joblessness is over in my life .My beloved, as I am here now four oil companies have given me employment including my former company that terminated my appointment .My challenge now is choice. To God be the glory.

    By Brother Prince
  • Free from satanic manipulations.

    Free from satanic manipulation.

    By Brother Prime

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